What is Funtional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is an approach to wellness where practitioners ask the question - Why? It is a systems oriented approach, vs. a symptom management approach as seen in conventional medicine. Symptoms are looked at from the perspective of the tip of an ice berg. We know symptoms are a manifestation of systems under duress. Our job as Functional Wellness Practitioners is to pinpoint the distressed areas of health, empower individuals and educate on what they can do to restore a healthy balance and function.

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My Core Values

I utilize my passion to get to the root cause of adverse health. Going beyond the symptoms, asking the questions necessary to discover why symptoms are manifesting. Educating and empowering individuals to take charge of their health to restore vitality which leads to longevity. When you and I work together we are co-pilots in creating health, we do not treat disease. Nearly all adverse health begins in the gut - we will begin our journey by focusing on your diet, lifestyle and environment. We will focus on on building health from a cellular level as we tap into the healing powers of your body.

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